Finding Self-Control and Starting Over

We learn from our mistakes in the areas that matter least; like games, texting, computers. We repeat mistakes in areas that matter most; finances, relationships, kids, school.

Why add more pain to an already painful existence? In this life there will always be pain. Do not procrastinate to avoid pain. You can either choose a little pain now, or a LOT more pain later. 

There are THREE MYTHS in regards to having self-control and making better decisions in life:

THE EXPERIENCE MYTH — “Experience makes you wiser.” 

THE KNOW BETTER MYTH — “Since I know better, I’ll do better.”

THE TIME IS AGAINST ME MYTH — “Compared to THAT person, I’m way behind!”

The Experience Myth Experience only makes us older, tired, poorer, lonelier, etc. It does NOT make you wiser. Only EVALUATED EXPERIENCE makes you wiser. If you can sit down at the end of each day and evaluate what you did and how well it worked for your goals, you’ll be SOOO much wiser than you were before that day began.

The Know Better Myth I saw Suzie do that thing and it turned out bad for her, so I KNOW that I won’t make the same mistake. WRONG. Knowing better does not equal doing better.

The Time is Against Me Myth — Stop comparing yourself to others when making decisions about your life. TIME IS YOUR FRIEND. The clock is NOT ticking. You need to have time to gain emotional balance before trying something again. When you are in pain physically or emotionally, you become very self-absorbed.


When you are (emotionally) healthy you have clarity that will help you make good decisions.


Romans 8:28 — And we know in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, and have been called according to His purpose.

In every instance in the bible there were YEARS between the 1st and 2nd rounds of experiences. They gained a divine sense of destiny and an abiding sense of humility. “I wouldn’t trade anything for what I learned in the first round.”


If you allow God to use ALL experiences in your life, the experiences will resurface in a POSITIVE way.