Controlling your thoughts.

I can’t seem to get my head right since my mother passed away. Her death has changed me. I am no longer a “type A” personality, but rather a MAJOR procrastinator (GASP!). We have a saying in our family where we yell, “SQUIRREL!” when someone is appearing to be easily distracted at the moment. I’m not only being distracted by “squirrels” lately, I seem to be SEEKING THEM OUT. I will do anything other than the task I SHOULD be doing. What is wrong with me?!

I look at my kids’ faces, and stroke their hair while thinking to myself, “It’s not fair that we have to be apart from each other someday.” I can totally see why some people who have been hurt decide to shut themselves off from the outside world. If you don’t let any love in, you won’t let any hurt in either. Being separated from those we love is just all kinds of wrong.

It’s not fair.

This world feels so broken at times. Too often we hear of a hurt or misfortune of others and have become almost nonchalant about categorizing that event under “this world is broken.” We move on to the next task without expecting any change. Just a continuation of hurt, devastation, pain, and struggle to find any sliver of good throughout our day.

I HAVE found it though—the silver lining. It comes to me when I can allow myself to slow down, look up, and be thankful. The next time you find yourself in quicksand… just

SLOW DOWN (stop what you’re doing)

LOOK UP (rest your mind on God)

and BE THANKFUL (choose something in your life to be thankful for).

Today I have “slowed down” by pausing from work to write this post so my kids can read it someday and gain peace. I have “looked up” at God by reading today’s passage in a book titled Jesus Calling, and I am “thankful” for the immense amount of love that resides in my home. I have a loving best friend and husband of 20 years, and 3 beautiful, kind, loving, amazingly bright, healthy children who absolutely love spending time with me. I am blessed. Life may often feel unfair, but right now it feels weighted WAY in my favor.


There is ALWAYS a silver lining. You just have to look for it.